3T Additive Manufacturing

Halo Illuminated Built Up Letters Installed at Height

Butler recently completed a Signage Project for 3T Additive Manufacturing, creating impressive large scale signage for multiple buildings on an expanding site. The goal of the project was to create signage that suited the existing building fabric and was clearly visible from across the business park.

In addition to the main building signage, the project also included the creation of associated supplementary wayfinding signage.

3T WIP (14)
3T WIP (10)
3T Small Built Up Letters Close Up (1)

Here's how it all came together

Team Butler conducted a thorough survey of the site and met with 3T to chat through their needs and preferences. Time was given to establishing the best way to achieve 3T’s desire to level up their presence in the business park

Butler developed a design and specification for the signage which hit the desired brief. We selected 3D lettering for the building signage and flat panel signage for the wayfinding. The large scale building signage created a stunning first impression and could be seen from a distance. A consistent design honouring the 3T brand ensured a cohesive finish across all signage.

Following the approved design, letter faces were laser cut from mild steel, then walls were hand soldered to the faces to create the 3D letters. The letters were powder coated to ensure maximum life and internal wiring was completed to enable halo illumination as specified. Clear Acrylic back trays were inserted in each letter to carry the LEDs and wiring.

Our team of fitters carefully installed the signage at height, taking care to minimise additional drilling of the building cladding. To create a sleek, cable-free look from the fascia, we used clear cables to connect the letters and fed the supply cables into the building behind the letters. The same attention to detail was applied to the installation of the car park signage.

3T Built Up Letters and Sign Panels (1)
3T Small Built Up Letters Close Up (8)
3T Small Built Up Letters Close Up (4)

The Result

The main building sign really was impressive - large scale built up letters with deep returns, illuminated with halo lighting, visible at dusk and through the night - a commanding presence on the side of the building!

The wayfinding signage - aluminium composite panels, printed with high resolution full colour digital graphics and protected with a 5-7 year polymeric laminate - vibrant and legible signage for years to come.

The end result was fantastic looking main building signage and supplementary wayfinding signage that perfectly fulfilled the brief.

If you're an operations or facilities manager at a similar corporation looking for impressive signage to transform your image, consider partnering with Butler for your signage needs.

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