Hamleys Signage

Who are Hamleys?

Hamleys has been a household name in the UK and the rest of the world for more than 250 years. Established in 1760, Hamleys has grown ever since to become known as The Finest Toy Shop in the World.

Their iconic Regent Street store is a world-famous London landmark that continues to thrive today. In recent years, their nationwide expansion has gained further pace throughout the rest of the UK. As such, they remain one of the most established and successful toy shop companies in the world.

Hamleys Signage
Hamleys Signage Installation
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The brief.

Given Hamleys’ impressive legacy and reputation, Butler Signs were delighted to be approached to manage, manufacture, and install signage for their nationwide pop-up stores as part of their latest expansion.

Hamleys needed a full-service signage company that had the in-house expertise to handle and execute a nationwide project at this scale.

We were required to conform to established signage standards across all new stores, to seamlessly fit the famous Hamleys branding. Where necessary, the signage language would be adapted for existing retail spaces.

Hamleys Signage Norwich

Project specifications.

The main element of this signage project was the Hamleys logo, prominently featured above their stores’ entrances.

To create this, we used fret cut sign trays with a flush finish and push-through opal acrylic letters. We further added metallic gold vinyl detailing and internal LED illumination to achieve the bright, desired effect for Hamleys’ logo. We then replicated this approach to install a consistent logo across all the different stores.

Another integral part of this signage project was to ensure we used Pantone matched print across a range of media in Hamleys’ famous red. Given how prominent the use of colour is in Hamleys’ brand identity, matching the famous red across the nation was an integral part of the overall project.

Lastly, we delivered custom signage solutions for unique store layouts when required. For example, we used a large-scale banner tension system, at height, as a header to the Westgate store in Oxford.

Hamleys Shopfront Signage

The end result.

We successfully delivered all the points outlined in the project brief, as well as delivering additional ad hoc requirements to fit the specific needs and situations of the different stores across the nation.

As a result, we provided stunning, uniform shop fronts across multiple sites that all aligned perfectly with Hamleys’ iconic and highly recognisable brand identity. By doing so, we helped facilitate the brand’s national expansion with pop-up shops that stand out in even the most crowded high streets.

By ensuring the perfect colours, as well as the most detailed signage finish, we have delivered a range of storefronts that will help prolong Hamleys’ impressive legacy for many more years to come.

“Hamleys have worked with Butler Signs on a number of projects ranging from design and installing window vinyl, tension fabric designs to shop front signage. In that time, we have found they did an excellent job throughout. The standard of work was second to none and they have maintained constant communication with all projects. I would recommend their service to anyone.”

Colin Hyland

Store Development Manager, Hamleys

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