Who are Kimmre?

Established in 2016, Kimmre is a real estate investment and development consultancy. Located on Wigmore Street in the landmark Mayfair district of Central London, Kimmre were looking for signage that would reflect their elite clientele and exclusive projects.


The Brief

We were tasked with specifying, manufacturing and installing internal signage for Kimmre. This had to complement the exclusivity of their brand and their impressive office space.


Consultation & Design

We began with a survey of the Kimmre office space, followed by a discussion about their initial ideas and what they needed. Here, we leveraged our years of consultancy experience to gauge the client’s precise requirements and preferred style.

Sometimes companies come to us with a clear idea of what they want. Then it’s up to us to put our skills to work making their vision a reality. But, more often, our first conversation with a client will involve suggesting ideas that fit with their brand’s aesthetic, their location, and their audience. Butler are able to both drive and follow a creative vision.

Once we narrowed down the ideal materials and finishes, our team produced a detailed design document using CGI for photographic mockups - our signature touch!

We specified flat cut logos for the office spaces, and used window frost and bronze effect vinyl for both privacy and a polished aesthetic. In the conference room, we installed large digitally printed wallpaper with the Kimmre logos hidden in the landscape.

Kimmre’s name and branding is intrinsically linked to their detailed understanding of the value of land and its role in real estate - the hidden logos create a talking point for visiting clients to see the value of the Kimmre brand.


Material Choice

Reflecting their premium brand, we used choice materials across the board: stainless steel with a premium paint finish, textured wallpaper and bronze vinyl. The digital logo has a brushed bronze finish effect. To replicate this in the physical signage we specified stainless steel with a bronze paint finish and vertical grain. The wallpaper for the conference room is highly tactile, intentionally encouraging people to engage with it. 



Once we had agreed on the designs and material, production began. Using a traditional CNC machine would not have given us the sharp and clean serifs the font required. Instead we laser cut the stainless steel. This meant we could also achieve a small CAP height for the logos mounted on doors. Our team of highly skilled paint technicians applied the brushed bronze finish, covering the face and edges of the letters. This is a specialised process, which few companies provide. We used a high resolution, high fidelity colour managed print for the wallpaper. And for the two tone finish on the windows, a CAD cut layered frost.



The doors called for a flush finish, so flat cut letters and VHB tape were used. Studs and spacers created the stand off effect that was required in the meeting rooms. The walls in the conference room had profiled cladding, so stud placement was carefully considered. The wallpaper was installed with perfect joints and an edge to edge finish.



With our state of the art signage and creative wallpaper, Butler produced a fantastic end result for Kimmre. We created beautiful bespoke signage to match their high-end brand, with minimal disruption and a high touch service.


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