Who are NEP?

NEP are major international mobile broadcasters - from the Oscars to the Olympics, they’ve done it all. Their large fleet of OB (outside broadcasting) vehicles and support crews are essential in helping them broadcast amazing live events. Distinctive signage is essential in reinforcing their brand persona.

We love when our existing customers trust us enough to send new clients our way - and that’s precisely how we began working with NEP. What started out as producing safety decals for their OB vehicles quickly transformed into full fleet livery and impressive signage projects across the company.

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Fleet graphics.

NEP boasts a large fleet ranging from 4K and HD to VT and specialised support units. Whether it is sports, music or light entertainment, they have an OB ready for the occasion. Their vehicles are the backbone of their business, and cohesive signage across them all is crucial. To achieve this, we interpreted their brand guidelines and applied it to different body shapes - all the way from an articulated lorry to an expanding trailer. 

Colour matching is essential, we use our GMG Colour Server to produce the multiple pantones in the NEP logo. (Interested in how we harness technology to ensure the closest possible colour matches? Check out our blog on matching colours across retail environments)

We only use premium vinyl and laminates to ensure durability.

When it comes to the fitting, we recognise time is money, our experienced fitters work quickly and efficiently on site to reduce vehicle downtime. That’s not all, we help with any aftercare - if a vehicle is damaged and its livery needs to be repaired, we take care of it.


HQ signage.

Situated in Bracknell is NEP’s base of operations in the UK. The building itself is modern and suitably impressive, but it needed something to make it distinctly “NEP”.

While their original request was for a signboard, our expert consultancy demonstrated why a flat sign panel wasn’t fitting for a building of this stature. We used CGI to showcase our different approach -  and they loved it!

The Spec:

To really make an impact, our designers drew up distinct built up letters that pop against the building.

We chose aluminium for two reasons: so the large letters would be lighter, and because of its eco-friendly value. Called the green metal, aluminium is one of the most sustainable and environment friendly materials there is. (For more info on getting great signage while keeping the planet happy, here’s our blog on Eco-friendly signage options)

Instead of a more traditional spray-finish, we powder coated the 9 colours onto the sign so it would have a hard-wearing finish. The colours contrast well against the polished brickwork, making the sign hard to miss, wherever you approach the building from.

Our experienced team had no issues tackling the at-height installation.

NEP Built Up Letters February 2022 (14)
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Wayfinding signage.

Considering the range of vehicles accessing the site - from HGVs to cars - clear and visible wayfinding signage is crucial for safety and to minimise disruption. We designed effective post mounted signs to be placed at vital wayfinding points on site.

The Spec:

Our cohesive wayfinding systems complemented the signage on the building. And we used a combination of aluminium post and plank systems to do this. 

We teamed powder coating with vinyl graphics, colour matched to the fleet liveries. We chose a white base colour so that the signs stand out from the surrounding dark shrubbery. The signage has a legible and clean look, which includes the highly identifiable NEP logo - telling every site visitor:  “You have arrived!”


The installation process began with a thorough scan of the ground. Extensive underground services were identified, including waterworks and electrics. Great care was taken to ensure these weren’t disturbed. Our skilled team worked to the approved brief, and consulted with the client on final placement and viewing angle - we want it to be perfect!



Working across the NEP site and their extensive fleet we have created fantastic looking signage that matches the stature of NEP and branded vehicles from expanding trailers to HGVs. And, even better, we now have an incredible ongoing relationship with NEP!

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