SkinHQ Signage Roll Out

Who are SkinHQ?

SkinHQ are a leading aesthetic clinic specialising in laser hair removal and skin treatments, using cutting-edge technology to offer people effective beauty solutions.

SkinHQ rose to success operating from Debenhams stores across the country, but following the chain’s closure, they decided to launch their own nationwide locations. As a result, they have seen rapid growth throughout 2021.

Skin HQ Solihull Cut Acrylic Letters (9)
Skin HQ - Bolton - Window Graphics (6)
Skin HQ Leeds - Fret Cut Push Through Sign Tray and Window Frost (9)

A comprehensive brief.

The client hired us because they needed a full-service signage provider to help them design, manufacture and install signage across multiple locations. Additionally, they required our consultancy services to help specify a signage language to be applied across all of their stores.

This project was an integral part of SkinHQ’s nationwide expansion and gave us a great opportunity to apply a variety of signage techniques and technologies. With our help, the client was able to strengthen their brand identity with a consistent look for their stores across the nation.

Skin HQ Manchester - Wall Vinyl (2)

Project requirements.

During the course of the project, we delivered several services based on the client’s needs. We managed to consistently hit tight deadlines while proactively adapting the project and its deliverables along the way where necessary.

As part of the brief, the client requested halo illumination with built-up letters. After assessment, we came to the conclusion that the stroke width of the letters was too small, which meant we had to come up with an alternative solution.

Skin HQ Leeds - Fret Cut Push Through Sign Tray and Window Frost (3)

Creative solutions.

To circumvent this problem, without altering the client’s desired result, Butler Signs devised an alternative to achieve the same illumination effect without modifying the logo.

We achieved this result by machining the logo from 30mm thick opal acrylic and mounting the logo inside a fret cut tray containing the LEDs. Furthermore, opaque vinyl was applied to the face to create a halo effect.

As such, we managed to still deliver the product the client wanted, despite the stroke width of the letters being too small. Cutting 30 mm acrylic at this level of detail is something that, to our knowledge, no other sign maker in the country can achieve. To facilitate it we used custom-made tools to allow for the cutting depth and detail.

Skin HQ - DERBY - IMG_5658
Skin HQ - Solihull Shopfront (10)
Skin HQ - BOLTON - Illuminated 2_EDITED

Minimalist wayfinding.

Aside from this, we installed a minimalist internal wayfinding system to guide customers and employees inside the stores. To achieve this, we used 10mm thick black acrylic mounted on spacers.

Finally, an integral part of SkinHQ’s brand identity is the curved wall with the company’s logo. We finished each curved wall with one of our flat cut logos, ensuring complete consistency in size and position of the logo across all sites.

Skin HQ Solihull Cut Acrylic Letters (11)-v2
Skin HQ Manchester - Cut Acrylic Letters (5)
Skin HQ Manchester - Cut Acrylic Letters (4)

A successful signage rollout.

We managed to deliver a consistent look and detailed finish across various fascias and interiors for SkinHQ’s stores. This was achieved on multiple sites across the UK, from Glasgow to Southampton.

Throughout the project, we managed to consistently hit tight deadlines, with multiple sites being completed each week. In the end, Butler Signs helped strengthen SkinHQ’s brand and facilitated a successful signage rollout across the nation.

“I've worked with Daniel over the last few months when we urgently needed a signage project put together for both interior and exterior high-quality signage at all our clinics across the UK. Daniel’s response to the challenge was amazing and he and his team were extremely quick to respond with a high level of detail and professionalism. We are pleased with the speed he was able to react and install all the high-quality signage across our SkinHQ locations. The work ethic and attention to detail definitely stood out and I would highly recommend using Dan and his team.”

Wayne Zeeman

Managing Director, SkinHQ

Skin HQ Eton Shop Front August 2021 (1)
Skin HQ Leeds - Fret Cut Push Through Sign Tray and Window Frost (9)
Skin HQ - Solihull Shopfront (3)

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