Teashop By The Canal

Beautiful glass signage.

Our aim was to install as many of the stand-offs as possible into the mortar, rather than the limestone. This was a difficult task, due to the irregularity of the current brickwork.

To overcome this, we produced paper templates, which we offered up to the surface. This allowed us to mark spaces where our stand-offs could sit in mortar, rather than the limestone. We transferred these markings back to our digital design and decided our final stand-off locations.

Due to the nature of the building, many materials were immediately ruled out. Glass was a great option for a number of reasons. It allowed our client to achieve the "painted on" look they were keen on having, as well as allows the distinctive brick work to still be visible.

Panels this impressive need equally impressive fixings, which is why we used 50mm stainless steel stand-offs.

Installation & the end-result.

Over the years this mortar has become delicate, drilling in causes it to crumble away. To counteract this, we filled these holes with resin, then set a metal thread inside the hole for our stand-offs to be screwed to. This resulted in an extremely strong fit, without damaging the face of the building.

We then carefully positioned and mounted the glass, ensuring each fixing was fully tightened.

Through meticulous planning and great accuracy, we were able to produce modern signage that looks at home on a building renowned for its old-fashioned appearance.


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