The Butler Signs Coverage Map

Custom wallpaper and bespoke acrylic, teamed with LED lighting.


Our aim was to create a wall map that clearly displayed our coverage areas and travel times. We used a piece of software to map out 30 mins, 1 hour and 1 and a half hours from our office. We then translated this into Illustrator where we could place it over a map.


We printed the map on a self-adhesive wallpaper vinyl, which was perfect for the job. We then printed the raised acrylic section on a matt vinyl, so that it wouldn't reflect the lights in the room.


Next we had to cut the raised acrylic area. We were able to make a cut file for our router using the "coverage ring" files we made in Illustrator. The CNC router allowed us to achieve an impressive level of detail.


We then applied the LED's to the wall, making sure to place them in such a way that the entire acrylic panel had even coverage. The panel was then mounted on a bracket in front of this.

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