Yoga House

A traditional brief.

The brief called for a traditional wooden fascia, teamed with striking 24ct gold-leaf logos.

We saw this as a great opportunity to apply modern techniques and technology to traditional sign-making & writing.


Traditional sign making with modern technology.

We were able to take advantage of our vast array of modern sign making equipment to achieve a perfect finish.

Our CNC router made quick work of precisely cutting our wooden fascia panels to size, ready to be hand painted.

We then took advantage of our plotters and cutters to produce paper templates for the logos. These templates were used when laying the gold-leaf size (adhesive), ensuring perfect edges across the logo and text.

Yoga House Catford - IMG_6150
Yoga House Catford - IMG_6155
Yoga House Catford - IMG_6174

The end result.

Installation was seamless, thanks to careful planning and accurate manufacturing.

The end result is a truly striking fascia. The timeless hand painted wood is understated & sophisticated, allowing the gold-leaf logos to steal the show.

Yoga House Catford - IMG_6223
Yoga House Catford - IMG_6191
Yoga House Catford - IMG_6194
Yoga House Catford - IMG_6186

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