Design is an Integral Part of Signage

At what point does design become an essential part of signage?

Let’s think for a minute.

You’ve taped a piece of A4 paper to your car window with the words “FOR SALE” in large letters. You’ve made a sign, not much went into designing that, right?

But now imagine putting those same words on a 60’ billboard on the roof of a tower block in central London, there are so many things to consider:

  • What material will you use?
  • How will it stand up to wind loading?
  • What size will the text need to be to be visible from the ground?
  • How will the sign be installed?
  • How will you tackle the glare from the sun?

These, and more, are decisions a signage designer will make.

A good signage designer has expert knowledge of the materials and manufacturing process, keeps with the latest trends, and—most importantly—understands how to transform a concept into a physical product.

Let’s explore some key considerations...

Material Choice

Material Choice makes or breaks a sign, literally.

Using the wrong materials for the job will let you down aesthetically & structurally.

A signage designer will recognise and employ the best materials for the project. For example, the experienced signage designer will specify marine grade stainless steel for a seaside setting, preventing rust. A small but crucial choice.

Austen Academy Flat Cut

Finish Options

With a daunting number of finish options available, it’s vital to choose the right one. Selecting the wrong finish can cause a sign to fall at the final hurdle!

For example, an easy mistake to make would be to use a mirrored finish on a south facing wall. This can have dramatic consequences. Your sign becomes a reflection of the sun, which is very hard to look at!

This oversight, and other finishing pitfalls, can only be avoided with a thorough understanding of finishes.



Believe it or not, types of signage can drift in and out of fashion.

Trendy signage is most commonly found on the high street, where dozens of companies are competing for attention.

In the social media age a trendy sign is a great tool / asset for your business. A well designed, on trend, sign will be naturally instagramable!

Regular designers can’t be expected to keep up with the latest signage trends, however, a dedicated signage designer will have this niche firmly on their radar.

Check out the latest trends here.

Light Bars

Making it Happen!

One of our mantras is “everything is possible”, and it really is!

This bold statement can only be made and fulfilled by design teams who thoroughly understand the signage industry.

From conception to completion, they will draw on their knowledge of; manufacturing processes, build & material costs, and sign structure safety.

Ecomec Signage IMG_3210

In Conclusion

So, do you need a signage designer for that 60’ billboard? Absolutely!

Call our expert team of signage designers and consultants today to start work on your project.

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