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Are you looking for an indoor wayfinding system? Would you like to use your walls to inspire passing students? Do you need to inject some school pride into your campus?
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Looking for inspiration?

Newbury College Wall Vinyl (7)

Custom wallpapers

You’re in the business of inspiring minds. Ditch the bland walls and use the space to spread your brand colours, highlight your mottos, or display inspiring quotes in classrooms and hallways.

Bradfield College Window Frost (9)

Reinforcing your school brand doesn’t stop at logos on your entrance sign. Placing crests or logos on your windows gives a simple yet constant reminder to students and visitors. It can also double up as a privacy film.

The Holt Wayfinding Signage (16)

Classroom signs

Finding your way to each new lesson as a student (or teacher) can be tricky - especially in September! Clear signage reduces time and confusion. And reinforces the cohesive feel of your campus.

Modular Wayfinding

Modular wayfinding systems

You’ve got a lot of information to get across as people wander your halls. Our interchangeable modular wayfinding systems show the way to as many different classrooms or offices as you need. And you can change them easily as your campus evolves.

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What are the benefits of indoor school signage?

Newbury College Renewable Centre Aluminium Trays With Plaques (1)

Why should you take time to think about your indoor school signage? Because the way your campus feels is important.

Indoor signage done well has so many benefits:

  • Students & visitors can find their way around more easily (and spend more time learning!)
  • It gives people confidence in your school
  • It enhances the experience of your students
  • It impresses your prospective students and visitors
  • It promotes the values and professionalism of your school


And, as an added bonus, researchers in California discovered that a cluttered and disorganised environment negatively affected stress and energy levels. Keeping your campus organised improves the mental health of your students and teachers, signage plays a part in this!

It’s important to get it right, so you’re better off working with the experts!

To wrap things up...

Butler is a full-service signage firm. And that means we handle your whole project, from concept to completion. We deal with everything:

  • Project Management
  • Surveying & Consultancy
  • Design & Specification
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Aftercare

So you don’t have to worry about juggling dozens of different contractors.
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As experts in the education sector, we know how to work in a way that makes your life easier. We collaborate with you to create site maps and plan our installations to fit around term times.

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