High Quality Sales & Marketing Signage Savills, Newbury

Printed Hoarding and Window Vinyl

At Butler, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality sales and marketing signage that meets the needs of our clients. Our work for Savills at Sterling Gardens in Newbury is just one example of the tailored solutions we can offer.

When Butler was approached to produce the sales and marketing signage, our team worked closely with Savills and a design agency to create effective printed hoarding and window vinyls.

Butler is equipped with the latest printing technology and expertise to deliver high-quality results, paying careful attention to every detail.

Design & Consultation

The original request was for printed vinyl or foam PVC panels to be applied directly to the painted hoarding, but after conducting a survey of the site, we recommended an upgrade to ACM (aluminium composite material) for a number of reasons.

Firstly, ACM provides superior print quality compared to vinyl or foam PVC, ensuring that the final product would look sharp and vibrant. Additionally, ACM is more durable and long-lasting, especially in outdoor environments. As the installation was planned for the summer months, we recommended ACM as it is less prone to warping in the sun than foam PVC.

We also saw an opportunity to utilise the window space in the estate agents shop for advertising, by using externally applied perforated vinyl. This allowed for maximum visibility through the windows for the sales office, while also making a strong impact on the high street.

By taking these factors into consideration and providing expert recommendations, we were able to create a solution that met the needs of Savills and effectively promoted the Sterling Gardens development.

Production & Installation

Our in-house production team at Butler is equipped with the latest printing technology and expertise to deliver high-quality results, paying careful attention to every detail.

We made sure that the images and graphics used were of the highest quality and resolution, ensuring that the final print would be sharp and clear. We also worked with Savills to match the colours to their specifications, using our colour management software to ensure an accurate result and consistent colour across different media and substrates.

In addition to this, we also printed all of the images to the industry colour standard FOGRA39.

Once the ACM panels and window vinyls were printed, they were carefully quality-checked and packaged, ready for the installation team. By following these careful processes, and working closely with the agency, we were able to deliver a top-quality product that met the needs of Savills and exceeded their expectations.

During the installation process, our team worked efficiently to minimise disruption to the sales staff and the general public. We used all necessary personal protective equipment and safety signage to ensure a smooth and safe installation.

Are you in need of high-quality sales and marketing signage for your business? Look no further than Butler.

We are proud to have worked with Savills on their latest development, providing high-quality signage and hoarding solutions. The end result was a cohesive and eye-catching design that not only showcased the brand but also served as a functional solution for the site.

Ben Towers, Project Lead