Butler Signs are proud to have worked with multi-national companies, family run businesses and everything in between, across a variety of sectors.


Bars & Restaurants

The bar and restaurant sector provides people with a chance to sit back and relax in a comforting atmosphere, with the ambience of your establishment being an important driving factor in long term profitability.

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Fast & Street Food

When you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of a passer-by, effective advertising in the form of signage is key. Signs generate impulse purchases, and in the fast and street food business this is crucial.


Retail & Shops

With the insurgence of online shopping and the closure of many large name retail stores, it has never been more important to pull out every marketing strategy to keep your shop going.


Offices & Studios

Office signs are a reflection of who you are as a business. Professional yet appropriate mood enhancing signs can elicit a noticeable improvement in staff motivation and moral.

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Logos & Brands

One of the most important investments a company can make is in their logo and brand identity. The logo is a significant part of its brand identity and serves as the first point of contact to potential customers.

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Celebrities & Events

Don’t be held back by the architecture of your event, allow Butler Signs to create individually catered architectural signage that takes advantage of the environment and works into the surrounding structure of the event.


Cinema & Theatre

Cinemas and Theatres are entertainment venues that provide the occasional much needed escape from reality. However, with the exponential increase in streaming providers such a Netflix, it has never been more important to provide the best offline customer experience possible.

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Hotels are a place for people to relax and forget about the everyday struggles life can throw at us. This is why it is important to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests to make your hotel feel like a home away from home.


Health, Fitness & Gym

Signage is the best way of communicating to existing and new clients who and what you are about. People tend to join gyms and fitness centres that provide the best trainers and equipment, this should be mirrored in your signage.



To run a successful café, you must provide people with a comforting experience, one that puts across an inviting atmosphere and leaves a lasting memory on the customer.



A well implemented and working wayfinding system should be non-intrusive and guide people in an unfamiliar environment to their desired destination.

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Schools & Education

How your school is perceived is vital for its identity and reputation. The identity of your school begins before setting foot on campus.

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As a place of worship, Churches are often a tranquil and welcoming hub for a community. While there are different types of church, keeping the heart such a venue in mind can make all the difference to the well being of a congregation.

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Each stage of a building development can require different signage for different reasons. While some of these are fairly obvious, and sometimes even legal requirement, others can easily be overlooked and might lead to missed sales opportunities later.

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