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You’ll find signs on the interior and exterior of any bar or restaurant. Signage serves multiple purposes for these types of service industry businesses. On the outside, signs capture people’s attention and make them curious about going inside an establishment and seeing what it’s all about. The more attractive the signs are, the more likely someone will want to eat or drink there.

Business owners may use projecting signs above the door which state the name of the restaurant and window displays and graphics which may highlight special meals or drinks available. There are all kinds of ways that restaurant owners can take advantage of signage for marketing purposes. Each sign is customised to meet the specifications of the client, such as the size, colour, shape, design, etc. If you need help coming up with ideas, then our experts can make recommendations as to what works best for your business.

Of course, signage doesn’t just go on the outside. When customers come to your restaurant, they may need to go to the bar, bathroom or even the beer garden. If you want to avoid having customers always asking staff members where to go, you can post up attractive signs which point customers in the right direction. These can be wall graphics, printed canvases, floor graphics, posters, or whatever else you think would look good. Think of indoor restaurant signage as navigational tools for your customers and guests.

We use high-quality, affordable materials to make our signage. For instance, our projecting signs are normally constructed from welded aluminium and then powder coated to your match your restaurant’s branding. The simplest form of projection is to add a fold into a piece of aluminium to make it stand out. But projecting signs can also be very detailed; for example 3-dimensional sign boxes with lighting that make the signs light up at nighttime. Bars, in particular, benefit from bright attractive signs that shine at night. We can wire any signage which is lit into a photocell light switch that automatically shines in low-light conditions, which leaves you with minimal maintenance.

For the window signage, you can choose window frost, printed window vinyl, or films and tints. The window frost is a gentle dense layer which provides you with both privacy and natural lighting at the same time. You can make custom signs out of the frost too by cutting the contours. But if you want more attractive window signs, then printed graphics on vinyl is the best way to go. They can easily be added and removed without marking up your window at all.

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