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At Butler Signs we have years’ of experience in creating and installing signage in churches throughout the country.

We offer a full church signage service from measuring up, right through to installing the finished product. Our signage is produced in-house and we have our own experienced design & installation teams that produce visually stunning signage.

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Churches are a place of worship that welcomes everyone. Each religion has its own type of church building. In general, churches are not designed to be flashy or exotic. However, some do have extravagant architecture and signage designs which reflect the sanctity of the environment.

Some of the signs found in churches include notice boards, canvases, internal wall art, and glass effect signs. Each of these signs are designed to appear simple whilst clearly conveying a message to the congregation.

For instance, notice boards are meant to give people passing by some new information about the community and the church. Schedules and timetables are also used on notice boards too. A good choice of background colour and text colour make notice boards stand out effectively. Sometimes a few images may be added as well.

Canvases are colourful prints which either hang on the wall or hang down from the ceiling. Traditionally, they are meant for displaying artwork and imagery, but you could use them to display Bible verses in a unique and stylish way. Modern churches are often filled with canvases on their walls which may reflect important stories and quotes.

Alternatively, you can use internal wall art instead of canvases on certain walls of your church. Internal wall art puts the text and imagery directly on the wall, this can be achieved with either modern digitally printed vinyls or traditional hand-painted murals. You can also use internal signs like these on flooring, furniture, desks, and more. A favourite text can be installed on the floor in a walkway or spread out across the wall in a large format in the lobby.

As for glass effect signs, this is where you have durable acrylic glass panels covering printed vinyl graphics. It creates that very special glare and shine which can make a sign stand out as extra special. You can use internal wall art like this practically anywhere, such as on exits, entrances, bathrooms, and so on.

You can trust Butler Signs to design, print, and create the most professional church signage for your needs. Whatever message you want your church to convey through these signs, we can make it happen in the most creative way possible.

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