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Cinemas and Theatres are entertainment venues that provide the occasional much needed escape from reality. However, with the exponential increase in streaming providers such a Netflix, it has never been more important to provide the best offline customer experience possible.

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Signage from Butler Signs can help bring back the ‘magic of the movies’ from the moment people walk in. In an industry that sees its busiest times after the sun sets, illuminated signage is key both internally and externally.

We offer various stand out signage solutions such as light boxes which are perfect for an external sign that is unmissable to passers-by. Internally, the use of our signage such as printed wall vinyl, can emphasise offers like film themed snack deals. Or why not make use of the time people spend in the lobby by using digital signs. They can be used for anything from displaying showtimes to promoting social media campaigns.

The implementation of lighting in your cinema or theatre is also an extremely valuable tool. For example, spotlighting that adds to the atmosphere and up lighters to emphasise aisles and walkways. All this adds to the customer experience, creating an unforgettable time and ensuring they come back in for future visits.

Butler Signs would love to help create a memorable atmosphere through signage & lighting in your Cinema / Theatre.

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