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Are you in the business of selling fast food or street food? If so, then you’ll want to target everyone who passes by your establishment each day. This can be challenging because you only have a few seconds to capture their attention as they pass. Since there are several other food vendors and outlets around your area, what is going to make people stop and purchase your food?

The answer is simple. Effective advertising in the form of signage will cause people to stop and check out the food that you have for sale. Signs are the key to stimulating impulse purchases from people. They see your attractive signs and instantly become attracted to your food. When you’re running a business that sells street food or fast food, you must rely on impulse purchases in order to be successful.

Traditional signage methods are still the main drivers in business sales. In the fast food sector, the first thing people look at is the menu. This is not a restaurant-style menu where you sit down and read the menu. Fast food menus are often displayed across an entire wall for everyone to see. Due to the size and importance of a fast food menu, you may want to illuminate the entire menu to really captivate people.

Light boxes are commonly used to enhance the text and the images on the menu to making them vibrant and bright. As soon as customers walk into your outlet or pass by your food stand, they won’t be able to miss your menu. The best part is that you can change up the menu whenever you have special deals to promote. The illumination will go a long way in bringing you customers who are interested in those deals.

If you’re a street food vendor who operates their business on a stand, then you should try using our pop-up stands. They are certainly ideal for showcasing your food variety and getting people to notice your stand as they pass by. These stands are very versatile and often an affordable choice.

Do you use a commercial vehicle for your business? It can be turned into a highly effective mobile marketing tool if you do have one. With our vehicle wrapping service, we can apply vinyl wrap to your vehicle that has colourful high-resolution imagery on it. You’ll basically be turning your vehicle into a billboard on wheels.

What about your personal vehicle? Why not add vehicle vinyl signage to that too? That way, whenever you drive around your town, you can provide the locals with information about your business. All it takes is a one-time investment to have unlimited marketing.

Signs attract customers and let them know that your business exists. So why wouldn’t you put every effort into appealing to potential customers by having noticeable signage on display? We can do the designing, printing, and installation work for you. Whether you need interior signs for your fast food outlet or exterior signs for your food stand or vehicle, Butler Signs is the most qualified signage company to create these signs for your business.

By the time we’re done with your signs, you’ll have a flock of new customers that you’ve never seen before coming to your business and purchasing food from you. A bold claim from a bold business!!!

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