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Signs play a really important part in getting your vision conveyed to customers and potential customers quickly. At Butler Signs we understand the importance of first impressions.

We have years’ of signmaking experience providing end-to-end services to businesses up and down the country. This has included health, fitness & gym facilities - such as Herongate Leisure, where we helped rollout a new rebrand for their gym based in Berkshire.

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When someone decides to join a gym or fitness centre, it is a very personal choice for them to make. They may want to improve their overall health and well-being, but they also want to go somewhere which makes them feel comfortable and unjudged. Otherwise, they’ll be quick to leave the facility and go somewhere else. With so many different health facilities out there to choose from these days, you need to make yours stand out from the crowd if you want to get people to stay.

Signage is the best way of communicating to new and existing clients exactly who you are and what you’re about. They don’t only want to see generic signs stating things like, “Weights and Cardio Machines” or “Swimming Pool”. This information already goes without saying for any health facility. But what makes your particular facility different than the competition? Spell it out on your signage!

For instance, people tend to join gyms and fitness centres that provide the best trainers and equipment. Therefore, your signage needs to state how your facility has the best trainers in the area with the latest “state of the art” equipment. You could even show pictures of the equipment or the trainers just to give people a more visual understanding of what’s inside your facility. The more visually attractive and informative your signage is, the more people will respond to it.

Point of sale signage in this industry is vital for increasing membership rates. Losing a sale as a result of a poorly designed point of sale system is the last thing you want for your business. You can use this signage to turn your point of sale area into an effective marketing tool for higher profits and additional success. Think about how well you could advertise your brand name in this area. You could even advertise special discounts to new and existing members just to give them a further incentive to purchase what you’re selling.

These aren’t the only reasons why signage is important. Wherever there is physical activity taking place, health and safety is always a concern. Most gyms and health centres like yours have to adhere to local health and safety regulations. In most cases, this requires you to post safety signs throughout your facility to help keep your members safe. These could be signs for the various fitness machines or exercise areas of your facility. If there are any safety concerns or warnings that are necessary to provide your guests, these signs need to state them clearly and visually. Very often we produce custom safety signage which matches the hotel’s branding.

We will make sure that all our signs adhere to the necessary health and safety regulations of your facility. From the materials used to the location of each sign, you will have no reason to worry.

Making people feel comfortable in their workout environment is a vital factor in making sure they return. To help with this, we can provide several different window film solutions, such as privacy film and frost with varying densities. These solutions let people work out discreetly without having to worry.

Signage in this health industry is not just for show. It is key for reinforcing your brand’s image internally & externally, plus making your premises easier to navigate. With all this convenience, it will hopefully increase your membership rates too.

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