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The Holt School Post Mounted Shaped Tray (50)

How your school is perceived is vital for establishing its identity and reputation. The first impression that someone has of your school is dependent on its overall presentation on the outside. It is the first thought that people have in their minds when they approach your school and see its building and the surrounding landscape. If you have attractive signage blended into its’ scenery, it will go a long way in establishing the specific identity of your school that you wish to achieve.

The identity of your school is expressed before anyone enters the gates. This identity separates it from all the other schools in your area and across the country. Signage is the ideal solution for proudly portraying your school name, crest, and philosophy to an untapped market of potential students & parents. It is also a very cost-effective form of advertising because you only need to make a one-time investment when purchasing signage. After that, signage can remain at your school for years. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is choosing a reputable signage designer and creator. That is where we come in.

Butler Signs offer a variety of comprehensive signage services which include an initial consultation, digital image design, printing, production, and application. We can even create wayfinding signs, entrance signs, and ground signs for placement on the streets or paths. So, when you have visitors coming to your school, you can have signage up all along the route from the street to the parking and then up to the front entrance. That way, no one gets lost and they learn about your school’s identity before they even step foot inside the main school building.

Upon arrival, your main school signage must reflect the professionalism and expertise of the institution. This signage should be continued throughout the parking areas via appropriate and efficient wayfinding signage. Road safety signage in and around your school must be well positioned and clear to ensure the safety of your pupils. Remember that signage is not only about providing presentation and education, but it is also about providing safety to everyone as well.

Wayfinding signs in and around any school are critical for the safety of the children. We’ll make the signage extremely clear for younger children to understand. This will make it easier for them to navigate around the school building and find the appropriate classrooms, bathrooms, cafeteria, administrative offices, etc. In addition, our clear wayfinding signage will help direct young children to the exits in case there is an emergency.

Allow Butler Signs to create a coherent signage theme across all areas of your school. Once complete, your school will become one of the most sought-after educational facilities in the area. Most importantly, it will have an identity which represents professionalism and safety. Contact our specialist team today for a free consultation.

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