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In 2019 the UK spent *£29 billion on advertising, the fourth largest advertising spend globally after the United States, China and Japan. In the same year *£24 billion was spent on new private industrial and commercial construction work. As a nation we value our branding as highly as our bricks and mortar!

Realising the value of branding and the importance of honouring brands in signage manufacture is of paramount importance.

*Statistics from the office for national statistics.

Adhere to Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines contain the detail of how a business should be portrayed to the world. They are an essential set of rules that explain how the brand works, sometimes referred to as “brand standards”.

These guidelines often include a history of the brand and a summary of the vision and personality of the brand, invaluable information for the signage designer.

Strict adherence to the brand guidelines is therefore a must for signage manufacturers. All the rules regarding colours, fonts, spacing and even material choices should be followed to ensure perfect brand clarity in the finished product.

Understand the Brand

It is essential that a professional signage designer/manufacturer immerses themselves in these guidelines before commencing work on a signage family.

In addition to knowing the brand guidelines inside out, expert signage manufacturers will do a deep dive of the company's web presence to fully understand its mission and values. They will also spend time with its marketing team to ensure they completely understand the brand.

Use Appropriate Materials

When signage companies fully understand the brand they are working with, they are able to recommend the right materials, lighting and finishes for the signage they are creating. From polished stainless steel to rust effect carnival letters it’s important to select a finish that compliments the brand.

For example, a high street jeweller may utilise impressive polished built-up brass letters to reflect the quality of their brand.

Eco-friendly brands need their signage partner to fully understand their goals, and ensure that the materials used in their signage are as environmentally friendly as their brand. The choice of illumination should match the brand's mission, the use of solar powered lighting would be a must.

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