Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is one of the most effective signage solutions for your business.

It creates a powerful connection between brand and building, carefully integrating one with the other. That’s why architectural signs are often part of a building’s planning and construction process at an early stage.

But that’s not the only reason why architectural signage stands out from other signage solutions. Below, you will learn the unique characteristics of architectural signs and how they differ from standard signage options.

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Carefully Considered Design

We have experience across a variety of sectors in Andover, from education to retail, public and private.

Retail and shop signage is one of our areas of expertise. We have a strong track record creating powerful signage that transforms retail spaces, increasing customer footfall and spend.

Office and studios are also favourite sectors. We create amazing spaces through the use of signage. Whether you are looking to wow your customers or inspire your staff  - our signage consultants and designers will be able to assist!

Successful project delivery across these sectors has earned us a loyal client base, including national brands.

There are many more sectors we work with, see the full list here, or get in touch now to start working with us.

Highest Quality Materials

The materials used are key to successful architectural signage. This type of signage is designed to last as long as the building itself. Only the highest quality materials are used, ensuring they can withstand the elements. The signage will age as well as the building. 

This same careful selection of quality materials extends to the fixing and mounting methods used. Architectural signs are permanent parts of the building. For example, support structures can be directly welded onto the construction as opposed to tacked on with nut-and-bolt fixings. As such, the mounting and fixing techniques used, and their high-quality materials, ensure the sign is one with the building, both visually and physically.


Where Can It Be Used?

Due to the permanent nature of architectural signs – and the importance of fully integrating them into a building’s construction – they are best designed and installed at the earliest possible stage of the construction process. New builds or renovations are great for architectural signage. 

Architectural signs are not sector-specific and can be seen in all public and private sectors. Here at Butler Signs, we have installed architectural signage for projects in many different sectors, from schools and universities to hotels and offices.

To Wrap Things Up

Architectural signage helps bridge the gap between the brick-and-mortar building and the brand or business it represents. Through creative design and careful integration, these signs will bring your brand and building to life as a unified whole.

Interested in architectural signage solutions for your building? We have over 15 years of experience working closely with architects and providing architectural sign solutions to several sectors.

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