Fire Rated Signs

In today’s safety conscious world, fire prevention and protection extends to every material used in the manufacture of signage and exhibition displays.

Companies installing signs and exhibitions in public buildings may be asked for fire certificates or ratings for everything they are supplying down to the laminate on the sign face. At Dan Butler Signs we are able to supply fire rated vinyl and substrates for 90% of the signage and exhibition solutions we provide.
In setting standards for fire protection there are two key measures of fire testing:

Fire Resistance (Retardant) is the measurement of the ability of a material to resist or prevent the passage of fire from one area to another.

Under British Standard BS476, Part 6 & 7 (1989) the effectiveness of flame retardant materials is assessed – the achieved rating is measured in two classifications: Class 0 and Class 1 Spread of Flame.
Class 0 is a low surface spread of flame and the highest achievable result.
Most of our fire rated vinyls and substrates will be tested to BS476, Part 6 & 7.

Reaction to fire is the measurement of how a material will contribute to the fire being able to develop.

This test method measures the ability of a material (Intumescent) to prevent the penetration of fire through a structure (for example doors or floor joists that bear the overall floor load) to maintain its structural integrity.

The test is run in accordance with BS 476 Parts 20-23 (1989) and components are given classifications with specific periods of time achievements, such as 30 or 60 minutes integrity.
Typically coatings and building components use intumescent materials to meet these standards.

Self Extinguishing

Some vinyls and substrates we supply are classed as self-extinguishing. Although these materials do not have a specific fire rating their self-extinguishing nature means they cannot support a flame after the source of the flame is withdrawn.

New European Standards

The British standards have been superseded by the new European standard EN13501 Parts 13823 (2002) single burn test (SBI) and EN11925-2 (2002) ignitability.
Where possible we can supply SBI certificates for our fire rated products, however for the UK Class 0 and Class 1 Spread of Flame certificates are perfectly acceptable at most venues.

For more information or for advice on a particular project, please call us.
Please ask for fire rated materials if they are required – by default our quotes do not include fire rated materials.

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