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Get noticed by passers-by with our bespoke Projecting Signs.

Projecting Signs are the ideal way to get noticed by potential customers walking by. These signs are ideal anywhere that people are likely to walk parallel to a building (like a high street) as they will likely see them well before they see the front of a flat panel.

Projecting signs are available in a number of different styles to suit any look. If you are on a tight tight budget we can produce a simple projecting sign made from a single piece of aluminium with a fold to create an effective projecting sign.

For something more eye caching, a 3D projecting sign box can give real impact. Being more sturdy these can also have lighting brackets attached to the top of the sign.

Projecting light boxes are perhaps the best option for projecting signs with illumination. Thanks to the box like shaping, all of the electronics can be well hidden inside the sign giving an elegant and professional finish.

If you would like more of a traditional look, a hanging sign is the perfect solution. There are many styles of signs and brackets that can be used to create a hanging sign, but even he most basic of options is an effective, stylish advert for your business. For more elaborate options we can shape and fret cut hanging sign boards for some truly unique signage.

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